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Project and Heavy Lift Cargo Transportation in India

31 Oct 2020

The cargo industry in India is on-demand due to the continuous developments in the Indian economy. India is also witnessing a rise in export due to the reformation of trade policies by the Government. Although the manufacturing industry in India is not showing much growth compared to the service-based industry, the essence of the manufacturing industry and its previous role in the development of the economy can’t be neglected. Due to the standardization of Import-Export rules and reformation of some important outdated policies, various project and heavy lift cargo transportation companies in India are benefitted. Due to the transparency in tax and duty collection through the common portal Goods and Services Tax (GST), the collection is on the rise drastically. According to the Government of India, the GST collection is likely to cross rupees one lakh crore in October 2020, it would be for the first time in 2020.

GST: Cargo Industry

The benefits of the transport and cargo industry from the GST implementation is the cutting of extra unnecessary time spent by a vehicle while entering another state. A typical truck spends 20% of its traveling time at interstate check posts, due to this truck drivers find it irritating and this affects the business process and its profit because on average vehicle utilized for this task only travels an annual distance of 60,000 KM in India. The time taken by the vehicle of the Logistics and Supply Chain Companies in India for the long haul is eliminated and interstate check posts are removed making the process hassle-free cutting the saving the one-fifth time of travel. At the time of introduction of GST in India road, transport, and shipping minister Nitin Gadkari said “India’s logistics sector would gain the most from the goods and services tax as costs would fall by almost 20%.”

Heavy Lift Cargo Transportation

Heavy lift cargo transportation involves loading, transporting, and unloading heavy cargo weights that cannot be broken into pieces whose weights are more than a thousand tons. Usually, these are machinery equipment is a whole or its parts that require special vehicles for safe transportation. This process involves multiple methods like sea and roadways. Imagine a manufacturing company places an order for its heavy machinery and the machinery manufacturing unit is located abroad, the manufacturer has to first move the heavy machinery to its nearest port with the help of cranes and heavy load trucks, later it is transported via ship and again via trucks to the customer. The entire process is quite complex and challenging and only an experienced company can handle this task. Zighra logistics is one of the experienced Project and Heavy Lift Cargo Transportation company in India, we have a team, and team members are skilled and experienced to handle any challenges during heavy-lift cargo transportation.

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