Message From Group Ceo And Managing Director

The world is changing rapidly with the launch of the latest technologies and this has resulted in the improvement in the lifestyle of the people which is forcing all of us to adapt to the changes. The way of doing business is also getting improved and businessmen are focusing on doing work in a short time. Industrialists need to deliver their products quickly. The number of service providers is evolving in the market with competitive prices. There was a time where it took at least 1 week to get the stuff delivered but with the advancement in the technology, it is happening in 1-2 days. E-commerce websites have also played an important role in revolutionizing the logistics industry. Zighra Logistics was started with a vision providing world-class service to the customer with our innovative ideas. With my 25 years of experience in the logistics and supply chain industry, I have witnessed a lot of changes and development. Logistics is a vital part of an economy as it plays a direct role in the export and import simultaneously offering a lot of jobs.

Ritesh sharma
The logistics are becoming a need for the corporates and Zighra Logistics is already in the race to fulfill the need. The start was somewhat tough to sustain in the industry but our commitment to the work made us industry-ready with a lot of experiences. As an entrepreneur, I see the logistics industry as one of the leading and trusted industry in terms of developing the nation, providing employment, boosting the economy.