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There are various reasons to start a transport and logistics company in India. The improvement of road infrastructure in recent years along with the reformation of various policies by the Government and the introduction of GST has made the ease of doing business simpler in India. The expansion of the e-Commerce business has also been the reason for the development of the transport and logistics industry. The economy generated by the transport and logistics industry has been appreciable in recent years, it is due to the fact that approximately 14% of India's GDP is spent on the transport and logistics sector.

Transport Broker's Directory

Zighra Logistics offers a Transport Broker's Directory, a database of 2000 plus transport brokers across PAN India. All these data’s are genuine which are collected from various sources and are verified. Our expert team recommends it as the information is 100% accurate.

Transport Owner's Directory

This directory has information of about 2000 plus transport owners across PAN India. Owner's information who have small to large vehicles can be easily found here.

Truck Driver's Directory

A truck driver is like a backbone to the logistics industry, without their effort the task of delivering goods on time cannot be achieved. Sometimes it becomes a challenge for the Transport and Logistics Companies to find the right driver urgently to perform the task of transporting on time, here the truck driver's directory comes into the picture. One can easily find and hire the right truck driver across PAN India using our directory which consists of information and contacts of 2000 plus trusted truck drivers.