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Over Dimensional Cargo Movement in India

20 Oct 2020

Over-dimensional cargo transport Service is commonly known as ODC transportation and is loaded outside the deck of a vehicle to transport oversized goods. If the loading size of the container is more than the loading platform of the vehicle and an ODC trailer is added to the vehicle then it is considered as over-dimensional cargo transportation. If the loading platform and the container have the same dimension then it is considered normal cargo.

The vehicles utilized for the transport of over-dimensional cargo are of a special kind and equipped with modern motors and controllers, they are specifically built to easily carry heavyweight goods from one place to another. The length and height of this cargo vehicle are bigger than standard vehicles and are usually employed both in the commercial and domestic sectors.

In India goods or containers more than 40 feet long and 8 feet wide are considered as over-dimensional cargos. Goods like oversize machinery parts, industrial turbines, windmill blades, boilers, etc. are regarded as over-dimensional cargo and these types of goods are either heavy or longer than the dimension of the vehicle, so transporting an over-dimensional cargo is really a challenging task. The challenges faced by an ODC include safe transportation, deadline, availability of vehicles.

In recent years many ODC transportation companies have emerged in the market, so it has become difficult and confusing for the customers to choose the best over-dimensional cargo transport service in India for their needs because many aspects need to be considered to choose. Some routes in India are very challenging and difficult to transport heavyweight goods due to the bad roads, only experienced cargo transport companies can handle these challenges. Zighra Logistics is an experienced over-dimensional cargo transport services provider in India with many years of experience in the field.

Before you choose any ODC transportation to consider the following aspects:

1. On-time delivery service

The best cargo company offers on-time delivery of goods. In the cargo industry, it is an important factor as it decides the quality and efficiency of the company. The on-time delivery makes the customer happy and in turn, increasing the reputation of the company. It also builds trust towards the customer and they will choose again in the future.

2. Real-time tracking facility

Real-time tracking facility has become common in the cargo industry and is provided by most of the ODC companies. Through this advanced technology, customers can easily track the status of their shipment of goods and get the latest information about the delivery. The real-time tracking reduces the burden on the company's customer care, the call from the customer regarding the shipment status is eliminated and making the process hassle-free and trustworthy.

3. Have a wide network

The company which has a wide network has more probability to sign the deal with the customer because customers may enquire about the movement of goods at different parts. Their presence in different regions also builds trust with the customer and the movement of goods will be without trouble because the company needs not to have to be dependent on another third-party service provider.

4. Should offer a wide range of transport vehicles

The cargo company you choose for your service should have a wide number of vehicle options to fulfill the variable requirement of the customer. The cost of cargo transportation depends on the type of vehicles used in transportation. Zighra logistics has a wide range of vehicles that may be required for the customized movement of heavy goods.

5. The service should be economical

To make your business profitable it is mandatory to choose a reasonable service provider for the transportation of goods. The current market is flooded with over-dimensional cargo transport service providers and everyone claims to be the best service provider but only a few accomplish the task successfully. Some companies charge huge while some charge reasonable, choose the company wisely through deep research.