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Primitive VS ModernTransport System

Modern Transport System VS Primitive Transport System

24 Feb 2021

Transportation is essential for living beings to sustain themselves, one cannot find all resources at the same place. To get a better lifestyle we are dependent upon each other and we need to travel or transport goods now and then. Vehicles are essential for transportation to a large distance. With the passage of time, the various mode of transport has emerged among themselves.

Primitive transport system refers to the ancient transport system used by the people in order to move from one place to another or to transport goods. The invention of the wheel along with its application has triggered people to build vehicles. In ancient times people built wheels made up of wheels and attached them to a trolley pulled by a horse to make a vehicle to transport people and for higher loads like transporting goods, oxen were used. In steep areas, donkeys were used to transport goods and in desert areas trolley pulled with camels were used. There is a belief that in ancient times trained pigeons were used to personally deliver letters/documents.

In ancient times people had access to only roadways and waterways transportation. The airways, railways, and subways developed after the industrial revolution with the advancement in science and technology. The invention of fuel-powered engines had triggered the development of various new vehicles. The capacity of the ships was increased and the engines were more powerful to carry tones of loads and transport hundreds of people. In the 20th century, railways emerged as the most economical modes of transportation.

The bicycles and rickshaw were the poor man’s vehicles in ancient times. Bicycles were used for personal whereas rickshaws were used for public transportation.

Modern-day transport systems include airways, railways, roadways, ships, subways, metro, etc. These transport systems have been continuously in the process of advancement due to technological innovations. The main aim of these modern transport systems is to make a fast, reliable, safer, economical, eco-friendly transport system.

Modern-day air vehicles include powerful planes, freight forwarding planes, helicopters, jets, rockets, fighter planes. Railways include electric powered trains, diesel-powered locomotives. Subway includes underground metros. Sea transport includes heavy floating vessels with powerful engines that produce thrust to push tones of loads.

How modern-day transport system influenced logistics?

Modern-day vehicles are powerful, reliable and quick compared to the same vehicles of the last century. They can transport freight easily to farther distance. The development in the infrastructure with the increased connectivity of good quality roads has also favored the development of the project and heavy lift cargo transportation in India. The integration of rail-road connectivity and roads connecting to ports and airports has also played an important role in the evolution of transport and supply chain companies.