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Latest Technology used in Logistics Services

27 July 2020

The dependence of business on technology cannot be simply ignored as we are already witnessing the importance of technology in our daily life. The evolution of technology has changed the way of doing business especially the internet technology sector and the technological innovations are done with the aim to make tasks less costly and more efficient. The innovation of computer and internet technology reduces human effort, operating costs, removes errors.

Zighra Logistics

Top Logistics Service Provider in India With the expansion of the logistics and supply chain, the count in the number of customers is also increasing rapidly, but the time has changed customers need transparent information about the delivery of their product, it has become a necessity for businesses to innovate technology in order to be more productive and leader in the future. There was a time when people worried about the delivery of the package, information was not known until people used to call the logistics office. But with the use of technology in the logistics industry people are able to track their shipments in real-time 24x7 without interrupting the office staff. The information for the shipment can be traced within a minute using a smartphone. Let us have a look at the latest technology used in the logistics service:

Shipment Tracking Systems:

The shipment tracking system makes the tracking information available at a fingertip and can be fetched easily at any time with the use of the internet. The shipment tracking system software is designed to reduce the burden on operations staff, save time, and costs to the company also enhance the user’s experience in the logistics service business. The customer feels confident and has trust in the company as they are notified via emails and SMS as soon as there is any update. It also helps the operation staff to monitor, record, and manage the shipments.

Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps make the process easy and hassle-free for both the company and the customers. A large business has its own mobile app dedicated to customer service. The usage of the app is easy and comfortable and answers all the queries of the customer and has multiple roles in the process including barcode scanning, fleet management, order management, customer service, and many more.

Transportation Management Systems

Logistics and Supply Chain Companies in India In order to run the logistic business in profit, the operation cost should be minimal and transportation cost plays an important role. A proper transport management system should exist in order to make a hub efficient. It shows the real-time data of the available vehicle, delayed freight, optimization, etc.

Customer Relationship Management Software:

Customer Relationship Management Software reduces the burden of accounting, billing, taxes, sales, profit and loss margins. It displays real-time data of incoming and outgoing packages along with generating daily/weekly/monthly sales reports. It displays all important notifications and to do tasks.

Social Media:

Social media is a powerful tool in optimizing the logistics industry and operations as a whole due to millions of visitors daily. Social media platforms like Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram pages, LinkedIn, etc are becoming the most easiest and efficient way for companies to communicate with customers along with conveying urgent messages, industry news, and customer responses.

To endure competitive and more efficient, updating with the latest technology is a must by adapting to the business environment. The logistics industry is benefiting immensely from the latest technology and will continue to grow as more advances are made as they are more technology-dependent.