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How Can Transport Be Made Environment Friendly?

How Can Transport Be Made Environment Friendly?

10 Feb 2021

Climate change and water shortage have been a concern for decades, many are aware of it but very few are serious about it. The main reasons identified for climate change are air pollution and deforestation. With the rise in the human population, we are witnessing the laying down of forest trees for land and for woods. Due to industrialization and a drastic increase in the vehicle population, the intensity of air pollution is getting high. The emission of carbon-di-oxide from vehicles causes air pollution and global warming which leads to climate change. According to an article published on environment protection agency, a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. There are millions of vehicles in the world, now imagine how much quantity of carbon dioxide gas is emitted daily. Scientists and environmental scientists have already warned about the impact of global warming on climate change, but very few people are seriously concerned about it. If we do not take the necessary steps now to retain the average global temperature by controlling the air pollution then our future will be in a trouble.

Since vehicles are increasing in number drastically we need to control the amount of carbon dioxide gases released from them. Scientists and researchers have already found an alternative to petrol and diesel fuels such as electric vehicles and solar-powered vehicles that emits zero carbon dioxide. These vehicles are already been launched in a few developed countries and are undergoing various testing and trials. Electric vehicles have gained the attention of the Government from various countries as electric vehicles are going to be a common mode of transport. Scientists are still working day and night on various technologies to make the electric vehicle more convenient, comfortable, reliable, and economical.

Considering the energy demand due to the rise in the population of India in the next decade, the Indian Government has already taken various initiatives to make India future-ready for green energy. India has set an ambitious goal of generating 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030. At present Indian ranks 5th globally in the overall installed renewable energy capacity. In the last 5 years, the solar capacity is increased from 2.6 GW to more than 34 GW, that’s an amazing development, right? The Indian railway ministry has also set a target for 100% electrification of tracks by 2023, this means all trains will run on electric-powered locomotives with the net-zero emitter of carbon.

So for highly populous countries like China and India, air pollution is going to be a future challenge because more is the population, more will be the transport activity, and more release of carbon dioxide. Below are some of the methods through which transport can be made eco-friendly;

1. Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are the best alternatives to petrol and diesel-powered engines because they do not emit any harmful gases. Electric vehicles are going to be common modes for Public and commercial use in a few years. Transport and Logistics Companies in India has impacted the sale of vehicles in large scale for transport and logistics purposes. Although the vehicles are efficient but release a considerable amount of harmful gases responsible for global warming. Many Logistics and Supply Chain Companies are already in the process of replacing petrol and diesel-powered vehicles with electric vehicles for short-distance movement of goods.

2. Electrification of railway tracks

On an average Indian railways transports 23 million passengers every day, and in 2019 it carried one billion metric tons of freight across India with nine thousand freight trains. Indian Railways run more than 13,500 trains daily across India and currently, about 63% of railway tracks are electrified. Remaining un-electrified routes are run by diesel power locomotives that emit polluting gases. Recently the Indian railway ministry has also set a goal for 100% electrification of tracks by 2023 which will be the best method for eco-friendly transportation.

3. Use of bicycles

Travelling short distances by bicycle to buy stuff is also eco-friendly transport. This method is already adopted by delivery boys and postmasters. With the latest technologies, electric bicycles have also been launched where a person can carry some extra load and ride on it. This is very useful for delivery boys such as food delivery, grocery delivery, courier delivery etc. An electric bicycle does not emit harmful gases and saves fuel cost. Common people can also prefer riding a paddled bicycle over bikes to keep themselves healthy.

4. Utilize more public transport

A public transport vehicle carries a large number of people at once, a four-wheeler private vehicle can occupy 5-6 people at once but in a public vehicle, more than 50 people can be occupied easily. Both the vehicle use almost the same amount of fuel for the same distance travelled. Using four wheeler private vehicles travelling nearby creates traffic and emits polluting gases. It is best to take the metro for comfortable and safe transport.

5. Walking and carpooling

Why book the cab only for a single person when it has 5 seat? Try carpooling. It saves your money and it allows the driver to transport more people in your destination route. Onboarding more people in your cab adds extra safety from strangers especially if you are a woman travelling alone.