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Different Warehouse Management Challenges

18 July 2020

Logistics and Supply Chain Companies in India Warehouse management is a process of optimizing warehouse functionality and distribution center management. In other words, warehouse management is optimizing warehouse operation from the entry of the consignment till the items are moved out. The general process includes receiving and shipping the items. As the logistics industry is expanding with the increase in demand it is necessary for the logistics service providers to optimize the cost of the warehouse operation to be in profit.

It should work on certain principles for smooth operations and sustainability in the industry. The approach for warehouse management is based on a solid foundation. Ensure your warehouse management process is a hundred percent data-driven and not just blind assumption. Look at the data carefully before making any decision. Gain control and be flexible over what is happening in the warehouse. Invest more in the latest technology and research the best tool that will reduce your stress. Do not forget the customer satisfaction, work keeping this in mind.

The warehouse management problem is common for most of the logistics companies as many factors affect the smooth operation of the warehouse. Successful warehouse operation is that performs reliably and efficiently. Below are some of the factors that affect warehouse management:

1. Warehouse space

Use your warehouse space wisely, real estate is a tremendous asset. Design the layout in such a way that it makes an easy movement of the goods and saves more time and energy. Create a pre-decided loading and unloading paths for various kinds of goods so that the operation is efficient.

2. Time Management

It is an important factor for any business, maintain proper timings for the pickup and the shipments. Order picking should not take much time as it takes the business money, for efficient work proper time management is necessary.

3. Customer Expectations

Customer expectation is also on the rise due to the more competition in the business, they expect shorter shipping time, perfect order accuracy, and amazing customer service. If the customer seeks something specific about the order, it has to be fulfilled carefully, or else you may lose the customer.

4. Redundant Processes

Working on the same outdated repeated process leads to high labor costs. To save time and labor costs using the latest technologies like barcode scanner to get the accurate movement of the goods.

5. Product Picking Optimization

Do not waste much time on product picking and its update, instead use a barcode and smart scanner app from a smartphone. Plan your multiple pickup journey and choose the route that covers the shortest distance.

6. Globalization

Do not hesitate to expand your business. Globalization has resulted in the massive inrush of competitors from abroad. Choose the location of your business abroad where the labor and production cost is low.

7. Fluctuation in Demand Management

Sometimes the demand goes down unexpectedly due to changes in weather, economy, and Government policies. Warehouses should be ready to forecast the demand with the use of timely and accurate information.

8. Handling Product Damages

This is a critical part of warehouse management. Do not overload the goods and filter out the fragile items from the others. Whenever an item is broken, it becomes more expensive and customer loses trust on the company.

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