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Different-jobs-and-their-roles-in-logistics-and-transport business

Different jobs and their roles in logistics and transport business

29 Dec 2020

Logistics and transport businesses are driving the economy of the developing countries to a large extent with the development in the road infrastructure, the introduction of the GST along the reformation of the export policies by the Government. The transport and logistics companies in India are creating hundreds of direct and thousands of indirect jobs. The logistics business has revolutionized the e-Commerce industry by giving a competitive market price. As per the ministry of labor, the Government of India, there will be ten million vacant jobs in India, and reports suggest that most of these vacant jobs will be filled by the logistics and transportation industry along with the e-Commerce industry, education department, and pharmacy industry. The previous data suggest that the e-Commerce industry along with the logistics and supply chain companies in India has a promising role in employment generation in the coming years. Below are some jobs and their roles in the logistics and transport business:

Logistics Engineer:

Logistics engineers are responsible for implementing solutions along with the recommendations of the analysts. Most of the analysts are promoted to logistics engineers based on their skills and experience. Logistics engineers evaluate the supply chain and logistics systems for problems using various computer tools and mathematical techniques. They also draft the technical proposals for their plans along with the management of their own project.


Analysts are responsible for solving the problem by gathering and analyzing data. They work on the problems solving tools and techniques that require good maths and computer skills. The responsibility of an analyst increases more as he or she gains more experience. Since the logistics industry is data and fact-driven the role of an analyst in the industry is important.


Consultants directly work with the clients in implementing logistics solutions for specific problems. Their job role requires them to move from one place to another to collaborate with and work with various clients. They are also a part of the consulting work of the management, they must manage data and find solutions, look at the implementation of the solutions, and ensure that the client understands and agrees to basic supply chain needs.

Purchasing Manager:

The role of the purchasing manager is not common in the logistics and supply chain industry. This is a special role appointed by the company where it requires finding material suppliers across the world, sign them to contracts, and to manage relationships with them.

International Logistics Manager:

They are responsible for maintaining relationships with international clients and partners. They also keep an eye on changing international customs, laws, and regulations. The job role requires knowledge of both logistics and international business. International logistics managers often work in the export-import department and collaborate with manufacturing, marketing, and purchasing departments to build and manage supply chains.

Inventory Manager:

Inventory managers are responsible for the accumulation of resources and material goods. They also examine data for trends and identify problems with inventory and implementing solutions. They also coordinate and work with purchasing and logistics managers.

Supply Chain Manager:

They are responsible to handle various branches of the supply chain which includes purchasing, warehousing, inventory, and production. Supply chain managers mainly focus on the optimization of productivity by reducing cost. They are also indirectly responsible for controlling finance.

Customer Service:

This job role does not require any core skills, just better communication skills, and understanding of the process is sufficient. Customer service executives are responsible to handle the clients by addressing their queries, they act as an intermediary between clients and the rest of the logistics team.