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Difference between a Trucking Company and a Logistics Company

20 March 2021

Transportation and logistics are the backbones of the manufacturing industries in India and the world, without them, manufacturing industries cannot do business because their products have to be supplied to various places and they need raw materials which are delivered by the top logistics service providers in India. It is a true fact that both the transportation company especially trucking companies and logistics companies are linked together but there is a difference between them and the way they process their business. Most of these companies work in collaboration with each other to fulfill the demands of their clients

How does a logistics company function?

The logistics industry concentrates on the collection and distribution of various materials and products to the end-users. This process involves a high level of planning to make it a cost-effective and on-time delivery. The department is responsible to collect, store, direct, transport, and deliver the product to the right person in the mentioned time frame. Delay in the shipment or delivery leads to financial loss to the company and shortage of space in the warehouses. Top logistics companies give more priority to the safety of the goods because any damage to the material or products during handling will leads to arise of unnecessary problems

About trucking company:

Trucking companies provide transportation services by utilizing their heavy lift vehicles like trucks. Trucks are the common heavy transport vehicles used in the transportation of goods. In order to fulfill their demand, the logistics and supply chain companies rely on third-party transport services companies for cheap outsourcing. Trucking companies are responsible to provide good condition trucks and skilled truck driver

The major difference between a trucking company and a logistics company:

  • Logistics mainly deals with the packaging, storing, documentation, direction, client handling etc. whereas transportation mainly deals with the loading and on-time delivery of the goods at the destination
  • The logistics department plans from the packaging to delivery whereas the transportation department makes the decision about the suitable vehicle, best routes and best driver
  • The logistics department takes care of the safety and the transportation department takes care of the on-time delivery